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Victoria Ashley

How to Become Customer’s Favorite Escort: An Extensive Guide for the New Escorts

28 May 2021

The process of hiring an escort has now been changed to a great extent. And hiring an escort in Australia has now been a trend since it has been a way to relieve the stress of daily life. Most businessmen hire escort services to stay relaxed and enjoy their sex life. Being in this industry for several years, I have encountered many people, and they hired me for different reasons. While some just wanted to explore a girl, some came because they had a fight with their partner, but most of my clients are businessmen. They treat escorts as a stress-buster. I also have gone for several business tours with my clients to make them entertained throughout the trip.

Being a little passionate about my profession, I have a hobby to learn about my customers' interests and their likes and dislikes. I have listed a few points that every escort should maintain to become customers’ favorite.

1. Serve your client by maintaining professional etiquette: Customer service is everything if you want to become an elite escort. Make sure you are properly dressed depending on the place you meet your client. Your dress for a movie date and a tour with your client would never be the same. Wear something revealing, only when you are with your client in a cozy and comfortable room, not in public.

2. Keep everything private:

Maintaining confidentiality is another important factor that you should maintain. Never share your client's personal information with anyone if you want to be on their favorite list.

3. Maintain yourself:

Every girl is beautiful. But when you are in this profession, you must look attractive! So, don't forget to makeover yourself before meeting your client. Maintain hygiene and be well-shaved. Fragrance plays a crucial role to make your client crazy. So, choose a perfume wisely. These are just a few ways by following which a new escort can create a great customer base. If you are new in this industry, prepare yourself to gather more customer attention.

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