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Victoria Ashley

Some Important Factors About Escort Services: In the Word of Our Elite Escort

28 May 2021

I am Victoria Ashley, and today I will share with you some tips and trick of this industry and some most frequently asked questions that the new girls in this industry often face. Being in the industry for several years, I am well aware of the concerns you have. But there is nothing to hide. After all, we are not criminals. I have shared below a few concerns and queries and their answers as per my experience to help the fresh escorts.

1. Do you enjoy being an escort?

Yes, I do. Every day, I can explore different people and their lifestyle. It is a profession where not only your clients enjoy, but you also meet your desires and have fun. So, yes, it is fun and enjoyable!

2. Did you tell your parent about your profession?

How did they react? No, my parents do not know about my profession, and I really don't think it is something to let everyone know. Do we always tell everyone what is our job, when we do a 9 to 5 job? No, right? So, why should we? I am beautiful, sexy, earning well and enjoying my life – that matter the most for me.

3. Do you have any moral issues?

Not at all! I am providing my services at the cost of money, and I am good at it. So, why will I have moral issues? I am satisfied with my job, and there is no wrong with it. So, one should not think much about moral issues!

4. Do you know the real name of your clients?

Yes, always! Every time I encounter a new client, they feel comfortable enough to share their name. And we need their real name for verification purpose. However, the personal details of my clients are completely confidential. These are just a few queries I often hear from the newly joined girls and sometimes from the clients. So, yes, there is nothing to worry about, and nothing to be shameful, girls! Go ahead with your passion!

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