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Victoria Ashley

My First Tour as an Escort

28 May 2021
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It was my first day as an escort, and I was super excited after getting a call from my very first client. I was over thrilled when I got to know that I have to go on tour with my very first client. A little scared and a lot of excitement filled me up. We first met at Melbourne airport. He wasdamn handsome! However, we had a very little conversation on the flight, and he was busy with his laptop. I still remember, we reached Brisbane airport, and it was a cloudy evening. We had our dinner in a cozy restaurant in the hotel he previously booked. I could feel his warmth and my senses were awake. We had a lot of chitchats, and when we entered the room, suddenly both of us kept quiet. A little shy, I sat on the bed. But he was so friendly and made me feel comfortable within a few minutes. He stood against my ivory fair complexion, and he took time to pamper me and then undress me gradually. The session progressed and we had a hot sexual encounter. I started feeling his body and he started feeling my body. Our excitement was at its peak, and we had a great time together. Certainly, an unforgettable moment for him as well as for me!

My experience with him during the tour:

1.He was a great companion: We explore the city together. He made me feel so comfortable, and we enjoyed it a lot. We watched a movie, had a dinner date and had a romantic pool date. He is indeed a great companion.

2.He made me feel comfortable: Since he was my first client, and I was a novice in this profession, he never forced me for anything. I had the freedom to dress myself up the way I was quite comfortable with him.

3.A lifetime experience for me: I am lucky that I got someone as my first client who is understanding and taught me the ABC of sex. He is still one of my precious clients. I would never forget my first tour as an escort.

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